Key Success Factors for an E-commerce Business

  • Pricing of the products

It is essential for organizations to compare the prices of their products with their competitors before putting it up on their online website. An analysis of the different pricings should be done so that the organization sets up a price that gains them some profit and does not incur a loss. This way business organizer can provide their customers with the best prices for the available products.

  1. Branding

For a successful e-commerce business, branding of the products is important. Branding creates awareness among customers and becomes one of the reasons why they are willing to pay a higher price for the available products. Effective ways of branding include; having a unique design of the products, using social media sites such as Facebook and twitter etc.

  1. Free or low shipping rates

High shipping rates are one of the greatest reasons for customers to abandon their shopping carts. Shipping rates can make or break the sales of a certain product. Using titles on the home page such as “free shipping over $100” helps customers know that they will not be paying shipping rates if they shop over the given range. Most e-commerce websites already have these banners or titles as soon as you open their page.

  1. Never making log-in compulsory before adding to cart

Customers should be given the freedom to choose whether or not they want to create a membership on the e-commerce website. It should not be made necessary to create a membership or to log in before adding to the shopping cart. Customers should be allowed to check out the website as a guest. If customers do not want to become a member, an incentive can be given to them if they are willing to sign up such as $5 off a certain purchase.

  1. Round-the-clock customer support

Excellent quality customer service is vital for a successful e-commerce business. Customer service information should be clearly visible on the website to help customers that may have any kind of query. Moreover the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page should include answers to all the common questions that the customers may have. The customer service team should also comprise of people that are available at all times so that they can provide instant help to the customers so that they may not be unsatisfied at any time.

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